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Sejad Salihović scores and gets red card

A suprising thing this weekend while checking the scores of international competitions via a mobile phone. The football app says: Sejad Salihović scores and gets red card – both in the same minute. Later that night I watched the highlights of German top league and I saw that Sejad Salihović converted a penalty kick and while celebrating he hits an opponent right in the face, right in front of the referee who was just planning to stand in between the players of both teams. He had to go to the dressing room. Good call from the referee, who was close by.

Check a video about the incident below.

Also in that match: a player points a finger to his head making clear to the referee he is stupid. I don’t think a Dutch referee would send a player away for that, but German referees are unrelenting when players act like that. Straight red card. Would you’ve done that too?

Also found that incident on video. Check it out:

Last weekend’s round in the Bundesliga had a negative record: 8 direct red cards.

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