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Second yellow for wasting time with substitution

Polish referee people Pawel Gil did something in Europa League last Thursday I’ve never seen before. He gave a second yellow for wasting time to a player who was wasting time during his substitution.

The situation: In the match between Malmö and Austria Wien the away team leads with 1-2. Grünwald from the Austrians has scored one of the goals, but also got booked in second half. He was about being replaced, substitute was ready. Grünwald applauded to the fans one more time, just before Gil runs to the sidelines and gives him his second yellow card. The substitute already ran into the field, but he had to go back to the bench.

It’s pretty difficult to find a website where the situation is shown, but I finally found it here (last 12 seconds).


  • Niclas

    Good decision and that is not the first time I have seen that.
    Wolfgang Stark sent Schalke’s Lincoln off in 2006 or so, in a match against Bochum (3-2), I was there in Arena and have to say that we could not stop to shout “Buuuuuuuu”, but today I think that should be done more often, even though there is actually no real need to book players for wasting time…there is something called additional time which is sometimes too little to my mind. I like UEFA’s standard of 3 or 4 minutes in UCL.

  • Dutch Referee

    Thanks for mentioning. It was new for me.
    One of my followers on Twitter said the same: you just could add some extra time. Why not stop the clock when ball is out and play for 30mins real time?

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