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Scotland’s top referees take final step

Scotland’s top referees did their first pre-season fitness test last weekend. A big moment for the the refs at Stirling University. The official kit was presented, the season is going to start soon.

But how do Scotland’s top referees prepare for a new season? Referee boss John Fleming and referees Bobby Madden and Nick Walsh tell you how they’ll become ready for the 2014/2015 season.

John Fleming, Head of Referee Operations at the Scottish FA: “They are training right through. There’s no such thing as a rest period now. They’re also involved in a 170 friendlies today.”

The young Nick Walsh adds: “This test day is the final step. We are making sure we’re fully set for the season ahead.”

“It’s an extensive pre-season program”, Bobby Madden says. “It can be quite challenging at times.” The referees train in speed sessions, endurance sessions but also for injury prevention. “It covers everything”. We need to make sure the referees and assessors are prepared as best as they can for the new season”, says Bobby Madden. He got two semi-finals last season in the Scottish and League Cup. “I’d love to think that one day I could referee a final.”

Scotland’s top referees tell more about their pre-season preparation and their ambitions in the video below:

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