Scoring directly from a corner kick

Scoring directly from a corner kick. Is that allowed? But does the referee need to whistle? An interesting case study with AZ player Oussama Idrissi.

Idrissi scoring directly from a cornere kick


The referee gives no signal to take the corner kick.

Whistle or not?

The Laws of the Game give advice on when you whistle as referee, but a referee does not require it in all situations.

Because the following restarts are clear, the referee does NOT need to whistle to restart play from:

  • most free kicks,
  • and a goal kick,
  • corner kick,
  • throw-in
  • or dropped ball

Idrissi can take this corner kick, because waiting for a whistle is not mandatory. The AZ goal is legal.

Corner kick procedure

Just a quick recap of the corner kick procedure. The requirements are that the ball:

  • must be placed in the corner area nearest to the point where the ball passed over the goal line
  • has to be stationary and is kicked by a player of the attacking team
  • is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves; it does not need to leave the corner area

There are two other requirements are that the corner flag remains at its place and oponents must remain at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the corner arc until the ball is in play.

That’s okay here. And can you score? “A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing

All boxes ticked. A wonderful goal that will go around the globe.

Video: scoring directly from a corner kick

Watch the video below where Idrissi is scoring directly from a corner kick. It is a great example, because it is a rare situation.

6 thoughts on “Scoring directly from a corner kick

  1. I always found that exclusion “can’t be own goal” a bit farfetched. I guess nothing is impossible but I for one have never seen anyone kick the ball directly in own goal from a corner-kick.

  2. Hi Jan

    Great clip-I’ve never seen a goal like this-I have seen corners go into the goal directly but these have always been when all the players are set and the goal is alert-this was brilliant!

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