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Score a goal from a throw-in (case study)

Can you score a goal from a throw-in? That was the biggest question this weekend in the Bundesliga game VfB Stuttgart vs Bremen. Goalkeeper Zieler is not alert when a team-mate throws him the ball. But did he touch it? And what if: how do you restart play as referee?

A great video example to learn from in this case study.

Own goal from throw-in

LOTG: can’t score a goal from a throw-in

The Laws of the Game are very clear on this. “A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in”.

Do you know the correct restarts when it happens? Think about this, you’ll get the answers below.

But first the reaction of the goalkeeper on the German Sky channel. “I was very surprised myself”, he admits. Zieler didn’t really take notice of what really happened, because he didn’t see this coming. “Unfortunately, I touched the ball slightly, otherwise the goal would not have counted anyway.” 

Despite this error, all went well for his team VfB Stuttgart. His team won with 2-1. 

Restart if nobody touches the ball

The correct answers for the restart are if nobody touches the ball after it has been thrown:

  • if the ball enters the opponents’ goal – a goal kick is awarded
  • if the ball enters the thrower’s goal – a corner kick is awarded

Match scenes from the incident



  • sahid

    Well, it’s hard to see if he touched it or not. Had the goalie let the ball go in untouched, he would have conceded a corner kick, which is far better than an own goal. I wonder if half the players in major leagues know the loopholes in some of the rarely used clauses of the LOTG.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      It is hard to see for us indeed. But he told the media himself he touched it.

      Players do indeed not know the rules properly.

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