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#ScheidsBedankt: taking a selfie with the referee

In The Netherlands the Week of the Referee has just started and many people paid attention to it on Twitter with the hashtag #ScheidsBedankt – meaning Ref, thanks. A website called De Aanvoerders asked players to take a selfie with the referee. The results are shown below.

De Aanvoerders (The Captains) is an initiative by both professional and amateur football players. Their golden rules:

  • Give the opponent a handshake before and after the match
  • Make agreements in your team about sportivity and respect
  • Talk with your parents how they cheer for your team
  • Whistle every season a few matches at your club

The latter one is important In Dutch amateur football many matches are officials who are a member of the home team. It is a good way for (young) players to get the idea of what referees have to face during a match. It is also a good way to get more young referees, because some actually like being a referee.

Club v.v. Dongen gave the referee some flowers to say thanks for officiating.

Many professional referees went to matches of amateur colleagues to coach them and watch their matches.

Player on photo with the referee.

A whole team who took a picture with the referee: #ScheidsBedankt

Two captains and the referee

Whole refereeing team getting flowers


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