SAFF Referee Teaching Material

SAFF Referee Teaching Material now available for downloading. FIFA referee instructors Farkhad Abdullaev and Manuel Navarro made referee teaching materials for SAFF. Similar clips to UEFA’s Refereeing Assistance Programmes, so worth a look.

Download SAFF teaching material (18,6 GB)

SAFF Referee Teaching Material

What to expect from SAFF Referee Teaching Material?

Through detailed analysis from experienced FIFA instructors, our guideline provides real-life technical decisions for topics such as:

  • Challenges
  • Penalty area incidents
  • Tactical Fouls
  • Handballs
  • Offsides
  • Match management issues

“Everyone can also test their knowledge and refresh their technical understanding with our video test feature featuring over 175 clips which randomly picks clips across various incidents”, says SAFF on their LinkedIn.

Instructions to install

  1. Download SAFF teaching material (18,6 GB)
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file on your laptop
  3. In case you don’t have Mulppy already installed, you can download it via Apple/Windows store
  4. Open the project folder and double click on the file “SAFF-TeachingMaterial2022.mpp” and follow the instructions. For more info you can follow the downloaded guide “ReadmeMulppyENG.pdf” (or the Spanish version).

Similar clip databases

Uefa has also published the Refereeing Assistance Programmes. That’s a clip database with lots of match situations from European competitions, accompanied with a verdict from their instructors. It gives you an insight in how to judge certain situatians.

You can find more about this so-called RAPs on the Refereeing Assistance Programmes pages.


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    Thank you and your page, which contributes a great deal to more knowledge and culture for the rulers and lecturers
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  • Paul David Ramos Zeballos

    sin duda haces un gran trabajo para todo el mundo que esta involucrado en el arbitraje, éxitos y bendiciones
    gracias por la gran ayuda que nos das para tener mayor conocimiento de las reglas de juego

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