Referee news (7): the round red card

Referee news of week 7: the round red card has returned. And there’s a laugh from Zlatan about Michael Oliver’s accident, match incidents by the 3rd Team and a new French Fifa referee.

The round red card is back

The Twitter account Celebrity Refs always shares funny things about referees. Mike Dean is always an interesting topic in their tweets, but this weekend they also spotted a strange thing in Roger East’s game. The round red card. Who uses it?

Michael Oliver’s spray

Can you laugh at a referee? Zlatan can 🙂 And I think everyone else could have a laugh too when a referee accidentally sprays himself. Michael Oliver is putting the wall at the right distance and then some spray goes into his face.

Match incident brought to praxis

The 3rd Team has three case studies for you that are relevant with the new football laws, introduced by IFAB before this season. Really worth a read.

Young French Fifa ref

Francois Letexier (27) will be the new French Fifa referee. “The French Referees Committee submitted their proposals for the 2017 FIFA Lists” is written on Refereeing World. “Referee Fredy Fautrel decided to accept a position with the Technical Direction of Refereeing (DTA) and will stop his career at the end of this year.” Check the full story.

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