Share why you love to ref and win some goodies

Got a nice gift from RefStuff. Where Refsix is going digital, this hand held device wants to make it easier for you to keep track of the scores. I like the idea of this new product. Will test it myself during my next game, but can already share one with you.

Want to get one? Look at my social channels and it’s easy to win. I’d love to know why you love refereeing.

You need to like my page/profile and comment on the different pictures like the one below. Please share why you love to referee. You can also share messages with the hashtag #WhyILoveRefereeing. These comments will be anonymously used in a future blog post where I publish a list with reasons why refereeing is so much fun. One winner will be picked from comments on all different blog social channels. The winner will be announced after October 31st 2017.

Look at the social channels

The RefScorer from RefSTuff

How does RefScorer work?

Check out the video below, because that will give you some insights. Or check their website.


  • Chantey harish

    Because you learn how you can be patience,being confidence and your best personality. You will be able of making challenge knowing the ability of being stronger. Being fit and being tougher enough being against the all. You get chance of getting greeting and respect from the famous players. You are respected by all. Enjoying every moment and minutes in the field and outside. Being cool.

  • Kristian

    For 30 years I have been in love with the game of football.

    Refereeing allows me to be actively involved in the game and my knowledge of the game helps me make consistent decisions in the spirit of the game.

    I like to think of refereeing as a service to the community – as referees we provide a safe, fair environment for the players (and spectators) to enjoy themselves.

    I love being out on the field amongst the players and I get a lot of satisfaction from a good, hard, competitive match. The higher the intensity, the more I love it!

  • Manuel Del Rio

    I find Refereeing an enjoyable and fun experience, and a great way to stay involved in the beautiful game of soccer. Soccer is an emotional game, and at times can be full of challenges and knowing how to cope with them while I keep mine in check can be a rewarding achievement.
    I remind myself and my colleagues before each game that we are there as stewards of the game, and we are there to provide a fair, safe and fun environment.
    By the way, refereeing a soccer game is a good exercise and it helps me stay in shape.
    Manuel Del Rio

  • Nuraini Nadhirah Binti Mahadher

    love being referee, as teach me how to control my self with others school mate and make my self to be better on make decision

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