Referees of Women’s Euro 2017 ready to go

Referees of Women’s Euro 2017 are ready to set out a top performance. The tournaments starts at July 16th in The Netherlands and the match officials are well-prepared. The final is played at the 6th of August. I wish all match officials a great tournament!

“Let’s get it started soon, the officials are looking forward to this beautiful tournament!”, says Kevin Blom on the official Dutch website. He is the refere coordinator in The Netherlands at this tournament. “It’s nice to see from nearby how these women are preparing for their matches.”

Referee's of Women's Euro 2017
Referees during the fitness test at the UEFA Women’s EURO Referee Course. Zeist, Holland. (Source of editorial photo: UEFA)

Training session in Zeist

In May all referees trained in Zeist at the KNVB Campus. “You can feel the excitement everywhere, and I hope the referees can feel it too”, says UEFA Referees’ Committee member Dagmar Damkova.

If you want to get an impression of the training days for this European Tournament, check out the video below. The first part is an impression of the courses without sound, then you’ll get some interviews with the referees.


I have interviews on my website with three of these match officials. Check them out by clicking their names.

List with referees of Women’s Euro 2017

Jana Adamkova (Czech Republic)
Stéphanie Frappart (France)
Riem Hussein (Germany)
Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)
Katalin Kulscár (Hungary)
Carina Vitulano (Italy)
Monika Mularczyk (Poland)
Anastasia Pustovoitova (Russia)
Esther Staubli (Switzerland)
Pernilla Larsson (Sweden)
Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine)

Assistant referees

Sanja Rođak Karšić (Croatia)
Angela Kyriakou (Cyprus)
Lucie Ratajova (Czech Republic)
Sian Massey (England)
Manuela Nicolosi (France)
Christina Biehl (Germany)
Katrin Rafalski (Germany)
Chrysoula Kourompylia (Greece)
Judit Kulscár (Hungary)
Michelle O’Neill (Ireland)
Lucia Abruzzese (Italy)
Nicolet Bakker (Netherlands)
Anna Dabrowska (Poland)
Petruta Iugulescu (Romania)
Mihaela Tepusa (Romania)
Ekaterina Kurokkina (Russia)
Svetlana Bilić (Serbia)
Belinda Brem (Switzerland)
Maria Sukenikova (Slovakia)
Oleksandra Ardesheva (Ukraine)
Maryna Striletska (Ukraine)

Fourth officials 

Lina Lehtovaara (Finland)
Lorraine Clark (Schotland)

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