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Referees in the media (week 30)

‘Referees in the media’ will be published each Monday on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“Each company’s respective technology will be scrutinised across a broad range of criteria, in both daylight and floodlit conditions”

by Fifa’s spokesman in the Guardian about the fact that Fifa is going to test nine systems for goal-line technology.

“Fidel and I both saw clearly the goal they took away from us”

By Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez, who was watching football with Fidel Castro and saw the referee disallow a goal.

Would a red card for denying obvious goalscoring oppurtunity be honest if a goal is scored (from a penalty kick). Give that card only when the goal is not secured.

By Uefa’s referee chief Pierluigi Collina, who’s waiting for IFAB’s review of the DOGSO rule.

“I enjoy myself everytime I’m able to whistle (a match)”

By Fritz Klein, a German referee who became 75-year-old last Friday and has refereed for 50 years now.

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