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Referees in the media: week 28

‘Referees in the media’ will be published each Monday on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“It can not be, that coaches jump around like if they are crazy.”

by Herbert Fandel, German’s referee boss in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. He wants referees to be more strictly towards behaviour of coaches.

“What we always aim for is 100 per cent accuracy in the key decisions.”

FIFA’s Senior Refereeing Manager Sonia Denoncourt in recent Fifa magazine (pdf), published before the start of the Women’s World Cup, where some referees made huges mistakes.

“The football pitch should be a referee’s safe haven.”

by Scottish international referee Craig Thomson in Daily Record. In preparation for next season he asks himself what will happen next on the pitch, a reaction on the attack of manager Neil Lennon by a fan last season.

“When I whistled training matches, I was infallible.”

By former German trainer Hermann Mayer with ‘a huge dosis of self-deprecating’ in Schiedsrichter Zeitung, the magazine for German referees. He added that Germany should be proud of their good international reputation.

“Regardless of the outcome, we’ve had a wonderful experience and THANK EVERYONE for all your support.”

By Kari Seitz on the blog of the USA referees at the Women’s World Cup in Germany, hoping for a match in semi’s or final.

NB: The script should post a different design of the quotes (working on that for next week), but I hope it’s clear that below the quote I mentioned who had spoken or written the words.

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  • Niclas E

    Nice quotes. Of course, I read Fandel’s announcement as well and I think that referees should never forget that football is full of emotions. You cannot keep team chefs like dogs at their leads. There is a borderline, if you behave like the stupid Portuguese Mourinho, then this borderline is passed.

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