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Referees in the media (Richard Nieuwenhuizen)

This version of Referees in the media will be different, because a Dutch linesman has died because of an attack after a football match.

You can read the full story of the incident with Nieuwenhuizen with updates on my blog.

Thanks for all your messages I got. Also thanks for your suppport in the Respect for Richard campaign. The family of the killed linesman also said they were very happy that they got so much support from all over the world.

Normally I do post all sorts of stories in this section, but today I only added quotes about the deadly incident with the Dutch linesman.

“We never had anything like this. I saw some boys attacking him; I ran over, they were kicking his head. Then I thought I had got rid of them but one ran back and stamped on his head. At least I know I did everything that I could.”

Egor van Gelden, youth team coach of Buitenboys, the club of Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

“Dear Papa, we will miss you. But let us remember, in the Netherlands senseless violence never has the last word.”

The son of Richard Nieuwenhuizen in an emotional speech before the silent march. The kid was playing in the team where his father was linesman and saw the attack from nearby.


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