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Referees in the media 2013 (week 1 and 2)

Referees in the media will be published at the beginning of the week on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

The first quotes section of referees in the media in the new year has a new design. Hopefully you like it now quotes are shown better than just in italic.

AFC Quarterly: issue 1 2013
AFC Quarterly: issue 1 2013
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AFC’s Acting President Zhang Jilong mourns over the death of George Suppiah in AFC Quarterly (pdf), a new magazine by the Asian Football Assosciation.

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According to FIFA head of security Ralf Mutschke gangs target 50 national leagues for match-fixing.

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Paul Allaerts, technical director for refereeing at the URBSFA-KBVB, supports Uefa’s policy by introducing additional assistant referees (AAR’s).

Enrico Wijngaarde: top referee in the Caribean.
Enrico Wijngaarde: top referee in the Caribean.
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The referee from Suriname says it’s easy for him to change between low-level matches in his home country and international Champions League matches. Enrico Wijngaarde hopes to get to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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