Referees for Euro 2016 announced

Below you can find the referees for Euro 2016. Behind the names of the center referee you can see which referees are sent home and at which stage. The referees that leave France after the group stage are published by The 3rd Team. And the blog post is now update with refs to leave after the round of last 16. Cakir, Velasco Carballo and Atkinson are sent home and Marciniak will only stay with his first assistant referee to be a fourth official.

Uefa said in a statement: “Each refereeing team will consist of a referee, two assistant referees and two additional assistant referees. The majority of assistants and additional assistants will come from the same country as the referee. A third assistant referee will also be appointed and will stay on standby until the start of the tournament. The full referee teams will be announced in February 2016.”

Bjorn Kuipers, one of the referees for Euro 2016

Full list of referees for Euro 2016

  • Martin Atkinson (England) sent home after round of last 16
  • Felix Brych (Germany)
  • Cüneyt Çakir (Turkey) sent home after round of last 16
  • Mark Clattenburg (England)
  • William Collum (Scotland) sent home after group stage
  • Jonas Eriksson (Sweden) will officiate semi final Portugal – Wales
  • Ovidiu Hategan (Romania) sent home after group stage
  • Sergey Karasev (Russia) sent home after group stage
  • Viktor Kassai (Hungary)
  • Pavel Královec (Czech Republic) sent home after group stage
  • Björn Kuipers (Netherlands) sent home after quarter finals
  • Szymon Marciniak (Poland) only he and his first assistant will stay after round of last 16
  • Milorad Mažić (Serbia)
  • Svein Moen (Norway) sent home after group stage
  • Nicola Rizzoli (Italy) will officiate semi final Germany – France
  • Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
  • Clément Turpin (France) sent home after group stage
  • Carlos Velasco Carballo (Spain) sent home after round of last 16

Image: KNVB


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