Referees and International Women’s Day 2015

It’s International Women’s Day 2015 on the 8th of March. A good moment for me to give the female referees which I interviewed some extra attention on the blog. And of course I’ll try to interview more female referees in 2015.
Below I’ve added a few quotes from the referees I’ve already interviewed with a link to the full interview. Please share them on social media.

Esther Azzopardi

DA_L4951Esther Azzopardi from Malta thinks male players maybe behave different because she has a different approach. “But I don’t feel that players change their behaviour according to the gender of the referee.” Tweet this quote or read full interview with Esther Azzopardi.

Dagmar Damkova

Dagmar Damkova quit refereeing, but she clearly explained the difference between women’s and men’s football style. “In men’s games you have more difficult situations, more tackles,more cheating, more card-situations and it is faster. Women use more their head and tactics.Tweet this quote or read full interview with Dagmar Damkova.

Wendy Fisher

Wendy-Fisher-assistant-refereeWendy Fisher, international referee from the Cayman Islands, hopes that players who quite take theire responsibility: “Young women and ex-players, I think, should become referees, because of their experience and knowledge; also if it is a passionate sport to them, they should remain with the sport just in a different capacity”. Tweet this quote or read interview with Wendy Fisher.

Cristina Dorcioman

Top international Cristina Dorcioman tells that women’s refereeing in her country Romania is in the lift, but that the number of female referees is way behind the number of male officials. “A few years ago, there were only a ten female referees in Romania. You can imagine: for 18 million inhabitants in Romania” Tweet this quote

Saime Akar

Saime Akar is young and referees in conservative eastern Turkey. “I’m not afraid of the players not taking me seriously or even insulting me”, she says. Tweet this quote or watch documentary with Saime Akar.

Simone Ghisletta

Simona Ghisletta. Photo provided by referee.Simone Ghisletta talks about living together with a referee. “We don’t compete, we discuss and he gives me advice for improving. Read one of the first interviews I did for my referee blog.

Charlotte Carpenter

Charlotte has a goal as first female official from Wales: “I want to raise the profile of women referees in Wales.” Tweet this quote or read full interview with Carpenter.

Thalia Mitsi

Thalia Mitsi has a great advice for all young female referees: “My advice to them would be to work hard and dream!“. Tweet this quote

Which female referee should I interview for my blog in 2015? Or should I interview you? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter via @DutchReferee or e-mail me on

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