Refereeeing Assistance Programme

Uefa launches a Refereeing Assistance Programme twice a year. It contains clips of recent match situations. You can install this on your pc or mac and train your refereeing knowledge. In case you missed it, it’s quite interesting material to develop yourself.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018-1

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018-1. Please be aware the files are huge (10GB), so download via wifi.

Some experience problems with installing MAC versions. This document might help you.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2.

New situations from the last six months. Quite interesting for us all. Download the files and practice at home.

Some experience problems with installing MAC versions. This document might help you.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

RAP Women’s Euro 2017

A great download with match situations from the Women’s Euro in 2017.

Refereeing Assistance Programme Women's Euro

Referee Assistance Programme 2017-1

I am trying to get the 2017-2 version for you, but can already share the first edition of 2017 with you. In a few days I hopefully also have the Women’s Euro version.

Download Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-1.

(below you’ll also find older versions)

Refereeing Programme Euro 2016 in France

Refereeing Assistance Programme Uefa

Download the Refereeing Assistance Programme files

Please note the files are links to WeTransfer files. Because the size is about 5 GB, make sure you have your wifi on. I personally have not tested the MAC-link, because I have a PC.

RAP Euro 2016 for PC

RAP 2016 (edition 2)

Download for PC
Download for MAC

I got these links via Arbiter Café on Twitter. Much appreciated!

How the RAP works

You can watch video’s in different categories, but will not see the correct call immediately. Make sure you think for yourself what decision you will make. Then you can click at the right bottom text, which gives you an explanation.

Good luck and enjoy!

Explanation RAP2016

41 thoughts on “Refereeeing Assistance Programme

  1. Bom trabalho.aprecio muito o seu trabalho do ponto de vista pedagogico.
    Belmiro carmelino ex arbitro Fifa e Comissario Caf.

  2. Thank you so much for this, it is brilliant. Can’t wait until you upload the UEFA 2017 (2)! Looking forward to more SPA examples and the new interpretation.

  3. Excelente tu material didáctico, lo estoy utilizando en mis programas en México para preparar mejores árbitros, saludos cordiales…

  4. Anyone having issues with the MAC version of RAP_2017_2?
    ***“UEFA_2017_2” can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image***

  5. Pingback: Nowe materiały szkoleniowe UEFA | WSKOZPN

    • Remember that the files are a few gigabytes. Did you download it on pc or mobile? Pc or Mac works the best, but you still need a lot of space available.

  6. Thanks for the 2018 update.

    The one thing that I really noticed was how many of the challenges in the SPA/DOGSO category that UEFA wants given as yellow cards where the ref only gave a foul. After watching an entire World Cup where clear SPA offenses were simply given as fouls, I’m surprised to see UEFA take this line in their videos. It’s my personal opinion that the top level should have way more SPA yellows given and I can only hope this is a hint that UEFA agrees for the upcoming season. I won’t hold my breath though.

  7. Really Grateful to U Me. Jan. This is such a significant one to improve Refereeing Skills & knowledge.

    • Hi David, at the right bottom is in some versions a button with “video info”. That gives you a pop-up screen with the explanation/verdict by Uefa.

  8. Great stuff!
    This site provides football referees in the world with the knowledge and skill in Egypt we follow it always
    Thank you

    • Thanks for following my website. Hi to the Egyptian referees! I hope it helps you all develop as a football match official.

    • If you click the right link you should go to a WeTransfer. But be aware the file is 10 gigabyte and that is quite a lot.

    • The size of the program is a few GB. Not all tablets would have enough space. And I haven’t tried installing it there.

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