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Referee vanishing spray on players’ boots

Referee vanishing spray.
Referee vanishing spray.
During the 2014 World Cup we’ll get to know the referee vanishing spray a little better. Even the referees who officiate the friendlies before the biggest tournament in the world need to work on their vanishing spray skills.

Even Howard Webb is not used to the spray: “I’m still getting used to having a spray hanging from my waist the whole time,” he said to Fifa. “It’s a vital tool for ensuring that the rule is observed and that the wall is 9.15 metres away from the spot where the free-kick is being taken.” For your information: The spray is biodegradable and disappears in just 45 seconds, so there will be no permanent lines on the field.

Check out the video below from the match Mexico versus Portugal:

Check out this hilarious situation of an assistant using the referee vanishing spray.


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