Referee training session under Italian sun



Referee training session of the Associazione Italiana Arbitri CAN A – the Italian referees of the highest football level.

The Italian referees had to pass their fitness tests at the beginning of the season. Someone filmed it and published it on YouTube accompanied with some relaxing music. I love it to see other referees do their training sessions.

Check out the three video’s below about the referee training session.

Video one contains the warming-up laps.

Video two contains footage of the sprint tests.

Video three contains something that looks like a shuttle-run (beep) test. And a new series of sprinting.

5 thoughts on “Referee training session under Italian sun

    • Hi Ceasar, that really depends on where you want to referee. The best way to find out is to get in touch with a local football assocation. They can help you with their requirements.

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