Referee Slavko Vinčić shares tips

Europa League final referee Slavko Vinčić is “full of emotion, pride and happiness” by his appointment. He officiates Eintracht Frankfurt vs Glasgow Rangers in 2022. In this story you’ll get some valuable lessons from him.

Be yourself as a referee

Referee Slavko Vinčić talks with before the final, from which I cite in this article. Be yourself is crucial for the Slovenian referee, who officiated at Euro 2020. “Of course, you do look at other referees and how they handle things. But we’re really all different people, from various environments and cultures. I definitely think that you have to be natural, rather than a ‘copycat’.”

Analyze your own performance

“You must be self-analytical as a referee”, is what referee Slavko Vinčić says. It’s only briefly mentioned in the article, but it’s a crucial thing. Make sure you know how you performed, how you handled the game.

A great technique for this is the 24-24 rule by MLS AR Katy Nesbitt.

Preparation of referee Slavko Vinčić

The Slovenian referee has officiated 10 UCL games, including 2 in the qualification this season (a few football stats websites count 1 more than Uefa). For him this experience is important. “You’re ready in many ways to referee the match before it starts. Of course, circumstances change in a match, but if you’re sufficiently prepared, not only tactically, but also mentally and physically, you have a much greater chance of a successful game.”

Make sure you prepare well. Curious how referees tactically prepare? Check the interview with video analyst John Balvers, who helped Björn Kuipers a lot.Read the full article at the Uefa website.

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