Referee news: South-American referee gets police protection

Few news stories this week: South-American referee gets police protection, video of Dutch dj’s who tried to referee a game (which was quite challenging) and few more interesting links.

South-American temper … I am happy I’m not a referee there. Doesn’t get better after reading headlines like: “Soccer-Referee gets police protection as Boca win Copa Argentina” There was an incident where the referee awarded a penalty and the defending team thought the foul was outside the penalty area. Unfortunately refs do make mistakes (I have not seen a video of this incident, can’t judge that), but it should never lead to attacks on referees and police protection! Check full article “South-American referee gets police protection”.

Loic Remy: penalty or not?

Loic Remy jumped over the goalie and was not touched. He could barely stay on his feet and his shot was wide. Was it the right decision? Dermot Gallagher says the “referee was correct to deny Chelsea’s Loic Remy a penalty at Stoke”. His verdict. What do you think?

And your thougths about this discussion on ESPN?

Some extra headlines

Celebrating Pierluigi Collina as the referee returns to action at Old Trafford for charity game

Two Dutch radio dj’s tried to referee a game. A pity for them. First half went well, the second dj in the second half was everywhere, but nver close to the ball. Check out how they experienced the game:

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