Referee news: red card quiz and Swedish ref page

Check out these interesting articles in the refereeing world of last week. We got a red card quiz, a Swedish referee page and latest Champions League appointments.

But first I want to notify you on a recently started blog by Matt Leary. He blogs as the AldershotRef and publishes his referee ramblings and an interesting post how he prepares for the first match of his season. Check out the AldershotRef Website.

Red card quiz

How good is your memory? Check out the quiz from The Guardian with red card incidents. I must admit I only got 4 right out of 10. Let me know how you did. Check out the quiz

Champions League appointments

Mark Clattenburg got a nice game this week. He will referee the CL qualifier between Valencia CF and AS Monaco. The 3rd team has all the appointments on their website. Check them out.

Swedish referee Facebook page

The idea was great. Swedish referee Mohammed Al Hakim explained match situations from a refereeing point of view on his Facebook page. This week all international media payed attention to it, also because he admitted a mistake in his own game. Too much attention forces him to shut the Facebook page. “It was great fun, but quite simply I don’t have the time anymore. I have two jobs, a family and a refereeing career to think about,” he said in a statement posted on a Swedish FA website. Full article on Eurosport.


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