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Referee news (1): portrait of Heber Lopes

Dutch Referee Blog wants to bring you the latest referee news of the weekend with some photo’s or video’s. The 2016-2017 season has started again and this is the first edition of “referee news”. It contains a portrait of Heber Lopes, medics on the pitch and more.

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Portrait of Heber Lopes

Heber Lopes has officiated a record number of matches refereed in the Brazilian Championship. At age 44, Heber Lopes started last week his final season. He will hang up his whistle in July 2017, at 45 years of age, 22 of them dedicated to professional football. A portrait on Refereeing World.

Medics please!

Picture from a Dutch game. Feyenoord player Elia’s finger is pointing in the wrong direction. The referee whistles immediately for medical assistance. What is the strangest thing you’ve asked medics for on your pitch?

Medics please for finger pointing in wrong direction.

Offside in Rangers game

The Glasgow Rangers are back in the highest football league in Scotland. Almost 50.000 fans watched their game against Hamilton Academical. A great appointment for referee Don Robertson. His assistant referee had to make a very difficult offside call. What is your decision: offside or not?

Offside or not in Rangers - Hamilton game

The assistant referee flagged the ball off. It did not influence the game whether he was right or wrong, the shot did not go in.

More vanishing spray … more

Kevin Blom, referee in The Netherlands, was using his vanishing spray an extra time. He puts some spray where the wall has to stand, but puts an extra stripe on the grass for a player next to the wall. I bet he likes it a lot 😉

Blom uses vanishing spray.

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