Referee news: Dangerous bicycle kick and Gaza game

Got some referee news for you again. Case study with a dangerous bicycle kick, a match between teams from Gaza and the West Bank. Plus I also wanted to show you a new badge in my collection.

Dangerous bicycle kick

Referee Simon Hooper was 100 percent sure when he disallowed Cameron Jerome’s goal. His judgement: it is a dangerous bicycle kick. The FatRef clearly explains on his blog why the referee made the right call. Basic rule: Jerome endangered a player, so the referee need to call for a foul. Check out analysis at FatRef’s blog.

Gaza versus West Bank

Gaza’s Shijaiyah United played Hebron’s Al-Ahly in a historic game last week. It ended in 0-0. The return match was postponed unfortunately. The blog Kicking Back is asking an interesting question. How would you like to referee this one? Quite difficult to referee such a game, when teams, fans are divided politically and geographically. Check the story on Kicking Back blog.

Biggest lesson for refs here: Always consider for yourself what games you take. What is the history between both teams? Is it the first game after a few years break because they always had fights in their games? Do your homework before you accept your games.

Taiwanese referee badge

You might have seen the referee badge collection on my blog. Recently I got in touch with a referee from Taiwain via my Instagram. We swapped badges and now I got a great Taiwanese badge for my collectin. Want to swap one too? Get in touch with me via

Taiwan referee badge

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