Referee news (9): referee cival war

Referee news of week 9. This week’s news talks about a referee civil war, mentioned in a story about Howard Webb. You can also find the latest referee appointments for this week, plus some interesting clips.

Referee civil war

“Howard Webb opens up on astonishing referee civil war between Graham Poll’s ‘Red Wine Club’ and Jeff Winter’s crew”, writes Sam Street from the Sun. That’s what will be revealed in Webb’s new book.

How about rivalry between referees at your level?

Full story at The Sun.

International appointments

The biggest game will be officiated by Milorad Mažić: FC Barcelona – Manchester City on Wednesday.

Tuesday’s CL referee appointments
Wednesday’s CL referee appointments
Thursday’s Europa League referee appointments

Granit Xhaka tackle

What would you decide if you see Granit Xhaka’s tackle?

Crazy move by referee

Found this clip on YouTube. Every tried to avoid touching a ball? Check out this crazy move below

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