Referee kits 2018 World Cup revealed

Great news: Referee kits 2018 World Cup revealed. Not by Adidas yet, but ‏@hendocfc on Twitter found the pictures online. Referees will wear the new referee kits during the World Cup in Russia. Referees from countries sponsored by Adidas will also wear them during the 2018-2019 season.

The pictures I found online are blue, yellow and red. “There’s two more colours of which there are no pictures yet: a black and a flashy green one.”

Pictures referee kits 2018 World Cup

Referee kits 2018 World Cup

What are your thoughts on the new referee kits?

9 thoughts on “Referee kits 2018 World Cup revealed

  1. I like the new kits they look too nice, a hope they’ll be more impressive when they’re finished up.

    • Yes, there is a green one, but was not pictured when I published the post. I’ll try to update it asap.

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