Referee instructor’s certificate :-)

My road to become a referee instructor was great this season. Last Friday it reached it’s pinnacle when I got my certificate. I learned a lot from my fellow instructors and my pupils. Next season I will give courses on my own  and will continue be road to become an even better instructor.

New referee instructors

Our route as referee instructor

During the final course we have drawn our route. It started off with me and my baggage: experience as both player and referee plus the things I learned due to my blog.
Me and my baggage as referee
 It’s great to evaluate your qualities and the things you want to change. I will remain positive, keep smiling. My attitude will help to inspire new referees.
During next course I will try to be more proactive when approaching the referee mentors during the course. These mentors will watch every participant during four games, after which the new refs need to write their own reflections.

How to get pupils involved

But the biggest lesson is NOT answering questions. As I wrote in a previous blog post to be a lazy referee. The idea of learning by KNVB is that pupils learn the most when they have to come up with answers themselves. Because when they think and discuss about refereeing situations and come up with solutions, it will stick in their minds.
An example of what I did. A student asks about an indirect free kick when there is a foul without contact. Then I start making moves to explain a situation. What I could have done: ask the others who can help. It will start a good discussion.
From September I will give more courses. The road as referee instructor continues …
Road as referee instructor

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