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Referee Howard Webb’s interviews on FAtv

A series of interivews by FAtv with Howard Webb. I made an overview for you with all six clips. Enjoy.

Referee Howard Webb Howard Webb on FA tv screenshot.
Howard Webb on FA tv screenshot.
Part 1: The World Wide Webb. “When I got to about 17, my dad said, ‘clearly Howard, you’re not going to make it as a footballer. Have you thought about becoming a ref?'”, says Webb.

Howard Webb recalls the the ‘amazing’ finish of last Premier League season in part 2. “I was lucky enough to be involved in the final day up at Sunderland, when they played Manchester United. And of course at the same time Manchester City were playing Queens Park Rangers.”

In part 3 Howard Webb talks about excitement in the Premier League. At least, that’s what FAtv tells us. It doens’t work on my computer, but let me know if it does on yours.

Howard Webb looks back to a wonderful 2010 season in part 4. “There are 23 little lads. (…) One little lad must be really disappointed, because he was told to be the referee’s mascot, but I held his hand anyway.”

In part 5 “Webb’s preparation” the English top referee talks about the time of the appointment at 3pm on Monday until matchday. “Before the game I’m okay, afterwards it depends how it’s gone.”

In part six (“Howard’s way”) Howard Webb talks about being involved in (high level) football. “The professional game has a big responsibility – the match officials, but the players as well – in setting the good example.”

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