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Referee fouls player in Brazilian league

You think Andrés D’Alessandro is a diver? Not this time. The Argentinian player got fouled by the referee when his team Internacional was playing against Atletico Minero in the Brazilian league.

The referee was running his diagonal line but missed that D’Alessandra walked back to pick up a pass from a teammate. The player kept on the ground for a few seconds after the collision. The referee immediately whistled to stop play.

At that moment the players from Atletico Minero could pick up the ball and start an unexpected counter-attack. As referee it would be a shame if a team scores because you collided with the player who could have picked up the ball. In this situation a referee could stop play if he thinks a player might have a severe injury. But what would you do if the player you collided with immediatley stood up and ran after the attackers?

Check out the story “4 reasons to stop play for an injury” with another video case study about injuries.


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