Referee fitness

Fitness is very important for referees. You don’t want to be that referee that constantly keeps positioned around the middle circle. If you get the chance to move closer towards the game situations, you can make better decisions and players will be more inclined to accept them. On this page you’ll find more information about physical fitness tests and tips from physical trainers that work with Elite international referees. Check them out, and become a better referee!

Bjorn Kuipers on referee fitness

Fifa fitness test for referees

The Fifa fitness test for referees (men and women) measures the physical ability of match officials. The test has been renewed in 2016. With these audio files you can easily train for the test. You’ll get beeps when you need to be ready with your runs and sprints. Are you ready?

Start off with my training Assistantreferee fitness

Fifa fitness test for assistants

The Fifa has also created a test specifically for assistants referees. It contains more sideways running and also some shorter sprints. These audio files will help you train your fitness level as AR. Are you ready?

Improve my AR fitness level Hilco de Boer

The importance of physical training

Hilco de Boer is the physical trainer for all Dutch professional referees. He guided Team Kuipers to the European Championships and in this interview he teaches you about the importance of physical training for referees.

Learn why you need physical training