Referee Damir Skomina stops and shares important lessons for us all

Referee Damir Skomina announced his retirement. The Slovenian top referee had to undergo another medical operation and decided to quit, despite “his will, desire and effort” to continue. That’s what he wrote on his Instagram @damir.skomina. He has some great tips for you too when you struggle with an injury.

Referee Damir Skomina

Career of the Slovenian match official

Damir Skomina officated at several European and World Cups. He also officiated the 2017 Europa League final and the 2019 Champions League final. A great career comes to an end. “I wanted to judge at the last European Championships and say goodbye there’, but unfortunately a knee injury made this impossible. “My journey on the football fields is over.”

Another iconic moment in his career was disallowing an Ajax goal in the Champions League, because it was the first ever use of VAR in that competition. Curous about it? Check out the clips.

Referee Damir Skomina’s tips for you

When chatting with referee Damir Skomina recently he shared some great tips for you. Because not being able can be a struggle for you too, Damir Skomina shares advice for you to keep working hard for your comeback, which he did as well.  

  1. Manage your mind. “This is very important. It’s important to acknowledge fears and concerns head-on and not push them under-the-rug as you recover. Having a positive mindset is all about being honest with yourself and your circumstance so you can face challenges with fortitude.”
  2. Your attitude towards your injury and the recovery process can significantly impact your actual recovery timeline.
  3. Staying focused on the positives, even if they’re little, help keep you mentally strong.

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