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Referee credibility: 5 factors that will help

A question in a tweet from the Aldershot RA got me thinking. It says: “What do we thinkg gives us credibility as a referee?” They asked referees during a meeting, and I think it’s a very good thing referees should think about themselves.

I posted a list with 3 factors that would give us credibility. I hope you will help me make the list longer with your comments below or on Twitter.

  1. Being physically fit. If you’re looking fit and healthy, players will notice. A beer-belly will give them a wrong impression. Even if your positioning will be very good, you start with with less credibility, so you need to work harder to gain it.
  2. Appearance. Wearing a very old referee shirt with holes in it, won’t give a good impression. Then you’d better get the new Fifa 2014 World Cup referee kits.
  3. Smile. Keep smiling when you’re refereeing. If people see you enjoy officiating a match, it will change how they respond to you. Refereeing is fun, show it!
  4. Arrive on time. “I think arriving early and introducing yourself to the coaches and players also helps. It makes you a partner and facilitator rather than an obstruction”, says Eran Glago in the comments. Good point.
  5. Confidence when making a call. If ref changes his mind on calls all game long, players will lose respect to the referee, thus arguing every call while trying to make him/her change their mind, said Amjad Alzubi on Twitter.

Please comment on the blog and share what you think that gives referees credibility. I’ll add them to the blog!


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