Referee as Athlete of the Year

When can we expect it: a referee as Athlete of the Year in The Netherlands? Dutch sports organisation NOC*NSF will announces the male and female athletes of 2014 on December 12.

Logo NOCNSFAll World, European and Olympic Champions are automatically nominated in The Netherlands. But when is a referee qualified to earn a nomination? Kuipers told when he heared about his CL final appointment: “Being on the pitch during the Champions League final is the highest achievement in football for players and also for referees.”

Is only a World Cup final enough for such a prize? That’s what happened to Nicola Rizzoli who won was Athlete of the Year in Italy. Kuipers has two more chances to get a nomination for the prize. In 2016 and 2018 he might get the Euro and World Cup final. If so, he definately deserves at least a nomination for the award.

Have you ever seen it in your country, a Referee as Athlete of the Year?

Best referee of 2014

2014 has almost come to an end. Who is the best referee in the world in 2014 in your opinion?

  • Is it Rizzoli who got the World Cup final?
  • Kuipers who got the Champions League final?
  • AFC Champions League final referees Alireza Faghani (1st leg) or Yuichi Nishimura (2nd leg)?
  • Wilmar Roldán and Sandro Ricci who both refereed the final rounds of the Copa Libertadores?
  • CAF Champions League final referees Janny Sikazwe or Bakary Gassama?

You may even add one yourself. Please comment and share your Referee of 2014 with me!

If you want to read more about Björn Kuipers, read the profile I wrote about the Dutch Referee.

16 thoughts on “Referee as Athlete of the Year

  1. Thanks for the comment on the blog. I must say I really do like Jonas Eriksson. Few years back he officiated a game between The Netherlands and Germany where he really impressed me. I have been following him since then. Would love to have an interview with him on my blog. No final for him last year, but some good performances.

  2. Jonas Eriksson. The most consistent (European) referee of 2014 IMO. The Swede is also my bet for the Champions League final in Berlin.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nur. Good chance for him. Kassai also in good shape, but already had a CL final. Cuneyt Cakir is close to a CL final as well. Good contestant if he delivers a good performance.

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