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Referee assessor: getting a notification in advance?

Dutch FA announces the Referee assessor now in advance for all amateur referees. That led to some curiosity online. I also heared about the first referee who called off his game because he saw in the online portal that a stern assessor would visit him.

That latter is a bad thing. My solution would be to give that referee the same assessor later this season. Sometimes refs are really injured, but you’ll be sure if he also calls off the second time with the same assessor.

The result of the Twitter poll was: 71 percent says it’s a good idea that you know in advance if you got an assessor.

Screenshot of Twitter Poll about referee assessor

Based on Twitter replies it is also more common in other countries to know in advance if you get an assessor.

But won’t that change referee’s behaviour? One of the comments was: “referees change how they handle games”. That is what I am afraid off as well. Ideally referees would always officiate the same, but in real life they might give more cards, be more strict on the colour of tape on socks, etc.

Do you change how you handle games when you know you have an assessor?

It would be good to show how assessing goes in different countries. Please let me know how assessing goes in your country! You can also send a private message on


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