Ref, you suck – TSN documentary

Howard Webb in documentary Ref you suckRef, you suck is a new TSN documentary about refereeing. It’s about different sports, but we’ll also see soccer/football. One of the people they speak with is Howard Webb, general manager  at PRO.

“Our self-belief is challenged all the time by the players”, says Webb in the video. “You are dealing with players who are big ego’s. They try to force you into making a mistake. And then when you do make a mistake they go crazy at you.”


The documentary

TSN describes it as: “Being a referee is a job where perfection is demanded and abuse is a constant threat. Senior Correspondent Rick Westhead takes a look at the current atmosphere around officiating and the passion of those who wear the stripes.”

Part 1 of Ref, you suck


Part 2 of Ref, you suck

Game management as referee

In the video you’ll see Howard Webb talking about refereeing. On my blog you’ll find some tips by him about game management. Check out that game management story or the clip on YouTube.

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