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Red card in a friendly: yes or no?

Last weekend I watched a friendly match and the referee didn’t give a card. In my opinion he could give at least one direct red card.

Should players not be booked for an offence because it’s a friendly? Should referees change their match policy in non-official matches? Do you see it more often that the man in black doesn’t show a red card in a such matches? Let me know what you think. Red or yellow card in a friendly: yes or no? (and why)


  • Arjan

    time to include a poll in the blog.

    yes. If the offence is worthy of a red card, why not give it. Otherwise a match cán turn ugly if players see that they’re ‘free’ to make nasty fouls.

  • @dutchreferee

    My opinion too. A poll is a good idea. Will be adding one later on a different subject. Planning some new interviews for my blog now.

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