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Reaction of the fans in offside situation

Offside, one of the most difficult things to see for an assistant referee. It’s the same for the supporters around the pitch.

Just back from my hodiday, I watched a game of the club I always played soccer myself. I got the screenshot below from a regional tv station. The blue arrow shows my position. I thought: this could have been a wrong call from the AR, so I checked the video.

Screenshot from the match Excelsior'31 versus Spakenburg in the Topklasse, the third level in the Netherlands.

It’s still difficult to see if the assistant is right (what do you think?). That shows very clearly how important the position in (non-)offside situations is. In my experiences most supporters start shouting dirty words to the AR in case of these close calls. Compliments to them: they just applauded for the striker who made a nice strike.

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