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Re-re-re-re-retake the penalty kick, please

This referee let’s the penalty kick retaken over and over again. Players won’t stop complaining, isn’t he just strictly applying the rules?

Teammates of the taker and as well as opponents infringe the Laws of the Game. Mostly by moving into the penalty area (or 9,15m circle) too soon. But also take a look at the goalkeeper during the penalty kick he saved. He moves forward to fast and is way in front of the goalline when the attacker actually kicks the ball.

Anyone an idea why the goal from the before last kick is not allowed? Last week, I’ve started a discussion about giving a yellow for players who pull off their shirt at amateur level. Anyone experiences with this situation? What’s your ‘record’ of retaken penalties in a row or do you just let it go?


  • Tristan Greaves

    I’ve yet to have one re-taken! This is when refereeing or when acting as goal judge when Assistant Referee.

    This doesn’t mean that players aren’t sometimes technically infringing the area but ultimately no-one has EVER appealed for a re-take for that reason. At parks level I’m not sure my match control would do too well if I started being really anal about it…

  • dubhe

    I’ve never ordered to retake a penalty and I think that minor infrigements shouldn’t be penalised. Thus, if it’s not blatant (let’s say about a meter in the penalty area when the kick is taken) then I close eyes and don’t punish it..
    In my personal opinion, I think that goalkeepers should be allowed to make at least a step forward. I’m a goalie as well and I know that it’s impossible to save well shot penalty kick if you must stay on the goal line >> you would hit your head on the post 😉

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