Pulling shirts and shorts in football

Pulling shirts and shorts in football, Neymar giving the referee a shirt and more news.

Photo series: Pulling shirts and shorts in football

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant publishes a photo series in the middle pages of their newspaper everyday. Last week they made a collections where playres pulling shirts and shorts in football. A nice collection of pics!

Pulling shirts and shorts in football

Fifa Club World Cup referees

FIFA has appointed the officials below to officiate games at 2015 FIFA Club World Cup to be played in Japan.

Sidi Alioum (Cameroon)
Joel Aguilar (El Salvador)
Wilmar Roldán (Colombia)
Matthew Conger (New Zealand)
Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
Support referee: Ryuji Sato (Japan)

The 3rd Team has the full teams including assistant referees.

Getting an player’s shirt

A video that intrigued me was the one where Neymar wants to give a referee his shirt. And he refuses.

Good question for referees to ask yourself: would you allow a player’s shirt? And would you do that in public or in the dressing room?

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