Premier League Referee Books you need for Christmas

Here are some Premier League Referee Books you need for Christmas. My referee blog gives lots of insights and information, but there’s more detailed info in books from top level referees. If you’re looking for something under your Christmas three, below you’ll find some interesting Premier League Referee Books.

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Howard Webb – Man in the Middle

Howard Webb - The Man in the Middle

Howard Webb – The Man in the Middle The Autobiography of the World Cup Final Referee.

A biography with very interesting and useful insights of refereeing at a top level.

Mark Halsey – Added Time

Mark Halsey - Added Time

I’ve spoken with Mark Halsey on a referee conference in Dublin. The interview we did for the blog is just a nice way to start, but for the full story you definately need to read his book. Great story on how he survived cancer and other insights of refereeing in the Premier League.

Mark Halsey – Added Time

Jeff Winter – Who’s the B****d in Black

Jeff Winter has quit refereeing at the Premier League a bit earlier than Howard Webb and Mark Halsey, but that doesn’t make it less interesting. Winter describes his refereeing road from the lower levels up to the Premier League, as well his struggles and bust-ups with top managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Sam Allardyce. He starts his book with the words: “To all those hardy souls in black much maligned, unloved and the scapegoat for every player, manager and supporter’s feelings. Remember that without a ref they wouldn’t have a game. Keep smiling, stay calm and enjoy, don’t let te bastards get you down.”

Jeff Winter – Who’s the B****d in Black? Confessions of a Premiership Referee.

Graham Poll – Seeing Red

Graham Poll - Seeing Red

I know Graham Poll tends to get a little negative about current referees these days, but it’s still quite interesting to read his book. As referee you can learn from other referees – and like always you need to decide for yourself what you want to do with it.

Graham Poll – Seeing Red

And for a good laugh about refereeing (in a good way). It’s not a real book with tips and tricks, but with some funny cartoons full of Football funnies.

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