Positivity about refereeing: Love the whistle

There’s been lots of negativity in the newspapers recently about referees. But do referees feel so bad after their games? I (Jan from Dutch Referee Blog) support the message about positivity from Ref Support: I love the whistle, I love the game.

Pic: Love the whistle

Here are parts of the message that Martin Cassidy from Ref Support shared on his blog.

“There has been an excessive amount of negativity with regard to refereeing lately and as ever the abuse of match officials’ is the main topic of the negativity. What motivates colleagues to voice their experiences in such an attention seeking manner? I wonder what sort of referee they were?

We will never condone any form of abuse towards match officials but we are getting very annoyed that there is an impression that referees go out every week thinking their 90 minutes will be full of life threatening scenarios and an hour and half of threats, swearwords and many other scary moments.

Well we are sorry to disappoint the scare mongers and bandwagon jumpers but we love the whistle and I know some of you reading this won’t believe it, but it is not just players that get butterflies in their stomach before games believe you me.”

Read the full story from Ref Support.

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Question you need to ask yourself

Will I be back next week? ABSOLUTELY oh and guess what? We are in the thousands remember that when you hear of 5 person case study of abuse in the national press

Please share the reason why you love the game below or share it on Twitter with #lovethewhistle.

Enjoy your hobby, happy refereeing!

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