Portugese players can’t stop after first yellow card

The last card stats: Portugal also leads the second yellow card competition.

Players in Portugese Liga ZON Sagres also got the most yellow and straight red cards on average per match.

(NB: I’m working on a visualisation of the totals, but that takes some time because I’ve to work. Hope to get it on the blog before the end of the week.)

A short explanation for the the infographic below. It shows the countries where most second yellow cards are given based on data from Worldfootball.net and Futebol365.pt. How darker the tint, the more reds due to second yellow are handed out.

Portugal scores 0,233333 in the stats, which means that after approximately (1/0.233333=) 4 matches a red card is given due to a second yellow. Number 2: Greece (after 4,44 matches). Equal on 3: Russia and Austria (after 5,45 matches). Danish players have the best score: red due to second yellow after just 22 matches.

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No data available of light blue countries.

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