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Playful fitness exercises for referees

Playful fitness exercises for referees are always good to add something funny to a training session. And the idea is still: you’ll work on your physical ability.

I explain the first exercise on my YouTube channel, where you’ll find more videos about refereeing. Below the video I’ll add the text as well.

Example of playful fitness exercise

Because everybody wants to have fun while training, I’ll try to create some video’s with playful fitness exercises for referees.

This fitness exercises makes you alert, because you need to focus on your instructor.

  • You sprint forward and the instructor shows a blue or yellow cone.
  • Blue means: sprint to the left corner. Yellow means: sprint to the right corner.
  • Jog back to start and repeat for 5 minutes.

Playful fitness exercise where person changes direction when instructor shows a coloured cone

Tic-tac-toe (extra edition)

Last week I’ve published the tic-tac-toe exercises. I published a video about an extra edition now as well.

And if you want to give it an extra dimension: minimize the number of available cones to three, so they can’t keep running forward, but need to use a max of 3.

Do you have any exercises that you like a lot? Please share them in the comments.

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