Pierluigi Collina Master Class

Pierluigi Collina Master Class. I case you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching. Below you find 5 important lessons from the masterclass and in the video Collina explains them.

Pierluigi Collina Masterclass

Tips from the masterclass

  • It is not only important that you are good. You also need to look good. Football needs athletes as referees.”
  • “What makes the difference is the preparation. If you are prepared for something, you are succesful.”
  • “Try to figure out why a mistake is made. It’s easy to say it’s a wrong call, but it’s difficult to explain why.”

And that’s just a few. I suggest you to watch the whole Pierluigi Collina Master Class yourself and make notes.

Video of Pierluigi Collina Master Class

Check out the full video of Pierluigi Collina Master Class.


  • Ash Sawkar

    Excellent link to a tremendous discussion on several topics: UEFA use of Additional Assistant Referees (AAR), basics of referees and communication within the three-man team, and general topics of interest as it pertains to technology in officiating. Thanks so much, Jan, for sharing.

    What I appreciate most about this are the comments from the former coach and former player: when officiating is transparent and clearly explained, there is very little protest. FIFA does not do a good job of “public relations” when laws change, when new technology is introduced, or when new techniques are implemented. It benefits both the players and fans to know. But most importantly, it benefits the referee team, who are always subject to criticism, for everyone to know what their standards are.

    More transparency equals less dissent and criticism.

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