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Photo time because Pierluigi Collina is in town

Pierluigi Collina is still a very popular referee. Many fans wanted to take a photo with him at the when he gave the lecture “The Art of Decision Making: Transform and Stay on Top of Your Game” at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

Pierluigi Collina says the key to being successful is adaptability. “The one who survives is not the strongest, but the one who reacts fastest and the best to change”, he said on Today Online. And added: that the best referees “are looking at change as an opportunity and not something to be afraid of.”

He also told the reporters that “the referee has less than a second to decide, and everybody knows that a referee’s job is very difficult. But everybody also forgets that and starts complaining about the referee’s decision.”

After you’ve seen the photo’s you might be interested in the video interview with Pierluigi Collina “I like referees”.

Fans with Pierluigi Collina


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