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Pepe fouls: no card in 2014/2015 season

PepeWhat’s the first thing you think off when you hear the name of Real Madrid player Pepe?

Probably the “Pepe fouls”, tackles with often a lot of excessive force.

And then I saw this tweet:

That was even before the game against Valencia this weekend, where he even did not get a card. Pepe is the player in La Liga with most minutes without receiving a single card. Wonderful!

Great play, Pepe! Keep it that way.

Because the way you used to play, was very dirty. Below I’ve added a few of Pepe’s tackles of the past.

Assaulting Getafe Captain Francisco Casquero:

Pepe kicks player in his nuts:

Pepe kicks Malaga player in his back:

Pepe versus Alves:

And more Pepe fouls:


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