Tap penalty kick encroachment by attacking team

Tap penalty kick encroachment by attacking team. A tap penalty is one that is passed to a team-mate and this onrushing player scores. But what if this onrushing player enters the penalty area too quickly? That’s what will be explained in this case study.

Video of the incident

The video below was in the Laws of the Game Quiz on my blog. If you haven’t seen this, check it out now. Below this match situation I’ll guide you through it in an explanation video. Plus you can check out a text version of the explanation.

Explanation of the tap penalty kick

In the video below I’ll explain the tap penalty kick situation. You can also read the explanation text below.

Tap penalty kick in Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game allow a tap penalty kick to be taken. Crucial is that the ball goes forward, which is the fact here.

Don’t get fooled in the clip that the attacker and defenders are level, because the attacker is in the arc and has definitely moved forward.

Laws of the Game (page 124): “If, before the ball is in play, one of the following occurs: the player taking the penalty kick or a team-mate offends: if the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken. If the ball doesn’t enter the goal, restart is an indirect free kick.”

The penalty kick is kicked forward and the taker makes no offence. The law does not say how far it needs to be kicked forward.

But the ball goes into the net

But why isn’t a goal scored? The ball goes into the net, but the first kick is NOT going into the goal. The taker passes it a few metres to the left. Then the team-mate who encroached scores after that with a SECOND kick. The outcome: the situation results in “no goal from the first kick” and a indirect free kick restart, because an attacker ecnroaches and the ball is missed.

Another situation – with correct restart

A similar situation happend in northern America. The referee was spot on there with the decision.

Bizarre series with lots of encroachment

If you want to see a bizarre shootout with lots of encroachment? Check out this blog post from MLS.


  • Erwin Franzel

    Hallo Jan, ik hoop dat ik ook in het Nederland mag reageren. Ik vraag mij af bij het nemen van een penalty de spelregels zijn aangepast. In 1982 nam Johan Cruijff samen met Jasper Olsen (Ajax – Helmond Sport) ook zo een penalty.

    Erwin Franzel

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      hoi Erwin, dat mag. Het gaat niet om de korte strafschop an sich. Dat is prima wat betreft de spelregels. Maar de toelopende speler mag niet te vroeg inlopen en daar is hier wel sprake van. Daardoor heb je als inloper voordeel en heeft een verdediger minder kans om in te grijpen.

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