Referee news: penalty kick after nine seconds

Have you seen this week’s penalty kick after nine seconds? The referee news of 5th of December 2016 with the latest stories, interviews, links and more. With a video of that quick penalty kick decision, the latest Champions League appointments and more.

The lastes referee appointments

Video of penalty kick after nine seconds

Fifa referee Oividiu Hategan had to make a very important decision in the Bucharest derby. Right after the minute of silence in memory of the air crash in Colombia, with the football squad of Chapecoence on board, the away team surprised their opponents. The kick-off went backward, but from then on everyting went fast. A long ball into the box. The goalie was coming out of his goal, but was way too late with his tackle. Referee Hategan had to award a penalty after nine seconds. Nine! What’s your quickest penalty kick decision?

Biggest lesson: make sure you are focused as referee so you can make key decisions from the start.

Player and referee collision

German World Cup winner Schürrle and referee Stark collided in the German Bundesliga. Ouch!


Interesting reds

IFAB website now in different languages

  • Laws of the Game section on IFAB website is now available in German, French, Spanish. Click EN and get all options. Check it out on the IFAB website.
  • IFAB website screenshot
  • Referee gestures
  • Familiar with the sarcastic clap? Check all crazy gestures players show the referee these days. Full story.
  • Gestures to referee: sarcastic clap.

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