Nike referee outfits for 2022-2024

The Nike referee outfits for 2022-2024 are published on social media. The new brochure will be released soon. One of the new things: no colllar.

Here are the colours:

  • Black
  • Volt green
  • Green
  • Blue

The following images appear in the Nike catalogue for 2022, which was published online recently by local referee shops. Please comment on Instagram what your thoughts are on the kits.

10 thoughts on “Nike referee outfits for 2022-2024

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    • Nike has new kits every 2 years. Other suppliers did an annual renewal in previous times. Not certain what Adidas does now.

  2. I totally agree these newly proposed shirts are boring and ugly. Besides, standard green and blue colours are being worn by too many teams, so offering such shirt colours to referees is far from being thoughtful. I very much like striking bright “neon” colours like light pink, bright yellow (“Volt”) and flaming orange, plus a contrasting striping on- or under the arm sleeves. I also dislike the round collar of this newly proposed set of shirts. Nike really fails to respect the needs of modern referees by offering this type of clothing.

    • Nope. Bij Nederlandse winkels nog niet in de schappen. Zag ze alleen bij de profscheidsrechters in Engeland.

  3. Hi

    Are you experiencing the same issues as in the UK. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere with the new shirt. No stock

    • KNVB just launched the new kits, which will be worn for the first time during the Dutch Community Shield (Johan Cruijff Schaal). Also for sale now and lots of referees bought the kits and some need to come back to the (online) store to buy a specific colour.

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