Nike referee kits 2018-2020

Pictures of the Nike referee kits 2018-2020 are released. Eric from French blog Arbitrez Vous gives me permission to share pictures from his blog with my readers. Because they kits are in different colours than previous years, I hope you want to share your thoughts. What do you think of the new colours?

In the new Nike brochure, there are even more pics.

Michael Oliver Nike outfits


The old colours are yellow, green, purple/pink and black, but two are different now. Blue and orange. As DutchReferee orange is great, because I never got the chance to wear the national team’s colour 😉

Nike referee kits 2018-2020

Nike referee kits 2018-2020. Pics via blog Arbitrez Vous.

Thoughts on the Nike referee kits 2018-2020?

Share your thoughts about the new kits? Do you like the colours?

So far they are not available yet. These are a first glimps on the new outfits.

9 thoughts on “Nike referee kits 2018-2020

  1. Great addition to the existing colors. The ‘swoosh’ in the same color makes it a clean shirt to look at. How about the socks and the shorts?

  2. When I first sae these I wasn’t too sure. I thought they looked like golf shirts, but they have grown on me. Especially the blue. Not sure about the coloured socks though

    • The socks look okay. Eredivisie referees wear it every week. I prefer still black. And buying black is also cheaper and you’ll never know if your neutral assistant referees have coloured socks either.

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